Tech Vocational Barangay Outreach Programs

Friday, December 30, 2011

Our tech school offers several vocational courses available for all the residents of Dumaguete and the neighboring municipalities. Aside from the usual training schedule, we also render barangay outreach programs to open in barangays targeting to train women and unemployed adults. The few vocational courses available for this type of program are Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Food Processing and Handling, Bag Making, and Beauty Care respectively.

The average training participants for such vocational course is between 25 to 35. Ages are between 14 to 70 years old. There is no age or educational level qualification to get listed and attend the vocational course mentioned earlier. Most training equipment are provided by out tech school but some of the training materials must be provided by the participants or be shouldered by the participating barangay.

The duration of the extension program for vocational course varies between at least 20 days to 90 days depending on the training being implemented in the barangay as per request of the latter. Graduation program would follow after the said duration of the training and technical vocational certification for completion will also be distributed among the participants.

How To Avail The Program For The Barangay?

First, assemble at least 15 people and decide what specific vocational course would you like to have your skills developed. Second, after assembling a group of would-be participants, go to your barangay chairman and ask for a letter to request an extension program from our tech school. As previously stated, not all vocational courses are available for the extension program. Finally, once your request for an extension program for vocational training is approved, you will then be given a schedule by our training center.