Heavy Equipment Operation NC II

Friday, February 25, 2011

Many would ask how much do heavy equipment operators make? I know you wanted to ask about it as well but one thing for sure is, they are well compensated. Heavy equipment operators are sought after by most construction and mining firms. Few of these companies are medium scale and the rest are construction and mining giants. Bulldozers, loaders, cranes, dump trucks, graders, excavators, forklifts, compactors, and other equipment are always around and should each have an operator. You can be driving and operating these wonderful machines soon.

Upon applying for a heavy equipment operator job, a certification is usually required. Though not a prerequisite, it is the best proof of the skills that you possess. Tech vocational schools like CLHIDO do issue a certification upon the completion of the said course. Technical vocational courses like heavy equipment operation are becoming more popular and are preferred by students to take as it gives them a bigger chance of employment after graduating. Though most government controlled and owned tech schools are free, some of the expenses will be shouldered by the students. In heavy equipment operation, students are asked to pay $75 to $125 for the machine rental and fuel's payment.

This is already a bargain, you can do more than that in a day once you'll become a certified heavy equipment operator! But before becoming one of those certified operators, you must undergo some months of training (which is at least three months) and required to have an on-the-job training at a local construction, mining, or similar firms. After the training and OJT, you are also required to take TESDA's examination for the Heavy Equipment Operation National Certification Level II. This certification issued by the government is recognized abroad. The heavy equipment operation certification also do have some little fee to pay to cover the examination costs.

We have several students now working in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world joining the elite group of heavy equipment operators. We also have employed our students to the local mining and construction industries. Our vocational training follows TESDA's training framework which also is compliant with the present international industry standard.

Our heavy equipment operation instructor is Mr. Kurt Rodriguez, a TESDA certified instructor and currently works in the government of Dumaguete. The venues for the training are in the HITC building for theoretical classes and in the City Dump Site for actual classes. The training will hold for three months plus a 240-hour OJT. Study now in CLHIDO and become one of the best heavy equipment operators!


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